Strange visitors.

Please read from the upper left picture to the lower right one.

manga of this month

1, Be-chan, is this the cutie you met?

* Be-chan is a nickname of Type B. It always puts out its tongue. Because we call a tongue "Bero" in Japan.

2, This is Dr. Mekako KATASE's study room where she studies on robots.

3, Oh, Type B!

4, Today is a holiday??

5, You're bushy, right? Sooo cute!

6, There are a lot of pupils who would like to make cute robots in this study.

manga of this month

7, I, Type B am a security worker in a commercial building called the Daibutsu Tower.

8, It's a holiday, today for maintenance.

9, I told my doctor that I met a rabbit robot in that tower the other day...

10, Was it this girl, right?

11, Her favorite robot has been missing since about a year ago, right?

12, I made this to have a tea break with me.

13, Meka-chan, let's have some tea!

14, Meka-chan, this cake is good, right?

15, It was lost a year, two months and 13 days ago!

16, The color of its skin is pink. →No. It's cream.
It can speak. →No. It sends an e-mail.
It wears clothes.→No. It wears nothing.
It loves cake.→I don't know that. I saw it ate dango.
It has a tea break at 3. → I wonder if it loves eating sweets.

manga of this month

17, I can't judge that.

18, I see.

19, This robot lives with an electrician, right?

20, Yes.

21, Go and take a shot of this robot!!

22, I'll grab the proof that the electrician stole my cutie!

23, At Denki's apartment, in Wataga City, Tokyo.

Bing. Bong.

24, Yes! What?

manga of this month

25, Tanuki-chan, what's wrong?

26, Oh, yes!

27, I came here with an order to take a picture of Concent.

28, A picture of Concent?!

29, They're like lovers though they're only robots!

30, I plan to go out today. Concent, remember to take the key!

31, Mr. Denki seems to be in bad mood, right? What? He has never had a girlfriend?

32, Get out of here as soon as possible!

33, Do we go to the park?

To be continued...

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