Akihabara Nihon's Building Lighting Replacement Work

Please read from the upper left picture to the lower right one.

manga of this month

1, This is the Kouotsu Denki Corporation Company, located in the suburbs of Tokyo.

2, They are doing paperwork.

3, I have to draw an electrical wiring diagram for submission.

4, At the noodle shop I went to yesterday, they forced me to eat watercress.

5, HAKOIDE Souta: Denki's senior at work. He's not good at paperwork.

6, You don't think this is a terrible thing, do you?

7, I have to submit this in three days.

8, Hey, there's a phone.

9, Our boss wants us to come to Akihabara with LED bulbs.

10, Let's go, Denki!

11, Huh? But I haven't finished the drawing yet...

manga of this month

12, Akihabara: This is Japan's famous electronics district. You can find anything related to electrical work here. Nowadays, it is also known for anime and idols.

13, We will meet at 1pm in front of the toilets on the third floor of the Nihon building.

14, It was now twelve o'clock, so we had arrived early.

15, Nihon's building! This is so disgusting! This is making us look like idiots!

16, The Nihon's building was an interesting place to visit.

17, What the hell kind of building is this?

18, I don't know...

19, This is the Nihon's building.

20, Let's go, Denki!

21, Yes!

manga of this month

About Nihon's Building

Nihon's Building is written as "NIHON NO BIRU" in Japanese. "NO BIRU", a grass with the same reading, is used as a motif. It is a grass like this. You can eat this.

"NOBIRU" has the meaning of increasing the height or length of an object, or increasing the ability of a person.

manga of this month

22, Welcome back, master!

23, Please leave your valuables with us.

24, These guys are going to take my wallet.

25, Aah! Master Green! You don't have a credit card of your own, do you?

26, Green, Denki, that's you.

27, Yes, I only have a loyalty card for my local supermarket.

28, What's wrong with that?

manga of this month

29, We only accept credit card payments in this building. We will provide you with a card that you can use today only. For this reason, we will look up your address from your wallet.

30, Oh, my God! How dare you?

31, We will not misuse your address that we have looked up! You'd better look for some better clothes!

32, I guess we shouldn't have come in our work clothes.

33, Hmm? Are those penguin-shaped robots?

manga of this month

34, This concludes our 48 prefectures elevator trip. Do you have any questions?

35, HAHAHA, the penguin robots are doing employee training.

36, Is this the first time you guys have been in this building?

37, Nihon's Building was named to be tough and useful like the weed NOBIRU!

38, (Note:) NOBIRU: A weed that can be eaten like a leek.

39, Why don't you go to The Restaurant That Never Takes Orders on the 12th floor of this building?

40, These guys just learned this place, they're so motivated!

41, Let's see, we need to go to the bathroom on the first floor...

42, Toilet, huh?

43, These guys are not customers!

44, You seem to be in no hurry. Let me take you to the bathroom.

To be continued...

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