A robot for making holes, "Drill-kun".

Please read from the upper left picture to the lower right one.

manga of this month

1, Welcome. What name, please.

2, I'm Denki, a member of a family.

3, Hello, Denki! This is a robot to keep the door, "Samurai-kun".

4, It's dangerous when he swings a wooden sword.

5, I made it to keep burglars away.

6, You always make robots.

7, All Denriki made robots all day when he was an elementary school student.

8, I paid for the table because Denriki made a hole in it.

9, The table? Did dad pay for it??

10, I feel I did something bad when I was a child...

manga of this month

Denki is 7 years old, Denriki is 9 years old.

11, Ah... Denriki made this... What's this ?

12, This is a robot with a power drill !

13, It can hole everything !

14, And thanks to solar power panels, I no need to worry about dead batteries.

15, It's awesome! I want that, too!

16, Yes. I made it.

17, The table costed a fortune.

18, I removed the batteries and put that away in my desk. So that doesn't move anymore.

manga of this month

19, Oh! After Denriki finished exhibiting that robot...

20, You're so cool! You must always want to move!

21, Enjoy the freedom!

22, I released it about 10 years ago...

23, I'll move it again.

24, No! Don't bother the neighbors!

manga of this month

25, No! Wait! Calm down! Denki!

26, The robot must keep still in the cause of a dead battery...

27, If it moves, I think it could just make a hole of the tree in the garden.

28, Don't worry!

29, Some news has just reached us!

30, Something is making a hole at a river beach!

31, It's on the scene in Wataga-city!

manga of this month

32, Oh, it's my robot!

33, You made a very big robot.

34, Ah, I don't think that I made such that.

35, Denriki...

36, I had put a battery into your robot and then set that free into the garden in the past.

37, What?! Well...

38, Awesome! He grows!

39, He became fine-looking!

40, You fool! If you didn't do that, look for the culprit!

manga of this month

41, Dad gets angry with me easily.

42, I think he's natural.

43, I wanna be at home.

44, Let's go to the scene on the television!

45, There are a lot of people!

46, Oh, you're...

47, What, Denriki?!

48, It's your robot?! There is a residental area on that cliff! Stop it early!

49, Be quiet!

50, What?! Didn't you make it?!

51, Do you know who else must have made that?

52, Ah!

53, OGAWA wanted to see you! I let you know his address.

54, I hear he lives on the 15th floor here.

manga of this month

55, Hey, OGAWA! I'm Denriki! Long time no see!

56, Denriki!? I've seen you on TV!!

57, Oh!

(The catalog of electric facilities,2020.)

58, Ah! This's the latest brochure about electric appliances!

59, Yes! Our goods are put in! You can buy ones more cheaper!

60, Oh! Really?

61, Denriki!!

62, Yes! I should look for the culprit of that robot!

63, Gosh! I want you to buy even one!

64, OGAWA! Do you have a class list when we were an elementary school students?

65, Isn't it your robot?

66, Yes! Absolutely!

67, Oh!

68, Let's take this!

(A list of classmate members in the former elementary school with the map.)

69, This is the list for the sales staff.

manga of this month

70, Let's stop the robot quickly!

71, Denriki...

72, It's the catalog of electric facilities.

73, My name is NOT KASAI.

74, Sorry, we missed that.

75, Why don't you watch my great son's video?

76, No, thank you!

77, My son has been in his room for 10 years or more.

78, Oh...

79, Gosh, we can't find the culprit.

80, There's a house on the cliff where the robot is digging.

manga of this month

81, This must be the criminal!

82, Wait, Denki.

83, It's a very big robot! How did he carry it down on the river and why does he break his house?

84, Well...

85, This house is too small to make that robot!

86, This must be another one!

87, But let's go to that house!

88, Ah, I'm Denriki DO. I studied with you in the elementary school.

89, What, Denriki!?

manga of this month

90, Thanks for your trouble in coming to see me.

91, Do you prepare for moving house? I'm sorry to drop in on you.

92, It's fine.

93, Oh, the sound of a construction?

94, A robot makes a hole under your house. You should move early.

95, Do you know that the house will be destroyed? Then will you move?

manga of this month

96, Do you like making robots?

97, That's my brother!! I hate robots!!

98, Please come in !

99, Wow! An elevator?!

manga of this month

100, This is a workshop that my father made. He loved making machines.

101, NAKANO-san, what's noise?

102, W...well...It's under waterworks...

103, Dear! Can we make such a place in the basement?

104, I want a huge workshop.

105, The place shouldn't be seen by other people!!

106, I made the path to the river.

107, Don't worry, mom!!

108, Dad will make a great cool robot and,

109, be the richest person in the world!!

manga of this month

110, When my brother was an elementary school student, he made a water mill for the independent reseach during the summer vacation.

111, Oh! The water mill!

112, Water flows!!

113, That's awesome! But...

114, Denriki's robot is more fantastic!!

115, I failed to be accepted at the creative robot's contest...

116, No...

117, We must accept the situation!!

118, Denriki's robot is more awesome than ours!!

119, You don't have a talent for making robots!!

manga of this month

120, Then my father wasn't in here... He lives in the country now.

121, Why did you make such a big robot?

122, Three years ago,

123, What!? Did you tell us that we would move?!

124, Yes. The owner of the land will sell this.

125, What should we do, bro? Dad's workshop will be found!

126, Well...

127, I'll make Denriki's robot destroy this place.

128, He made the big robot for making holes and,

129, carried it out...

manga of this month

130, Sorry,we need your robot to break this place.

131, It's a wonderful workshop! I don't want to break it!

132, Oh, you have to stop the robot.

133, Denriki...

134, You've been here yet? Do you want to have some tea?

135, I really want my house like this.

136, Dad must be mad...

137, Oh, where's Consent?

138, I left her outside?

139, Huh?

140, The elevator doesn't move! We're shut up in it!

manga of this month

141, She'll bury us!! Ah! I wish I had not left Consent!

142, Yes! Lend your cellphone!!

143, Oh! Will you call the rabbit?! I'll call that!!

144, Hey! Break the robot that's making a hole there!

145, Did you bring our belongings?

146, T... to tell the truth, I... I locked Denriki in the basement!

manga of this month

147, Run away like this!

148, Bro!?

149, Ah...

150, I am no match for Denriki... in making robots...

manga of this month

151, Consent!!

152, Sorry, Denriki.

153, Sorry.

154, Oh, we met him on the bridge this noon.

155, Are you NAKANO's brother?

156, You are twins, right?

157, Denriki, you didn't remember them at all...

158, You were about to kill us!

159, Do you know what I said?

160, Yes. Sis has nothing to do with this.

161, I'll report to the police.

162, Bro!?

manga of this month

163, I'm at the bridge building construction site in N prefecture now. At this scene, an unique machine is making a hole now.

164, I think that seeing unique machines has young people interest in the construction industry.

165, MUNI Construction Company President: Kouji MUNI

166, I'd like to making attractive machines from now on.

167, Denriki! My boss asks to make a new machine!

168, Yes! I can sell ideas at just one million yen each!

169, No! It's too expensive!

170, Unbelievable! Bro has been working as an engineer of the design of a machine! His boss purchased the whole apartment including dad's workshop. Thanks to Denriki, he introduced him to bro.

171, Well, I'm going to work.

172, I've found this.

173, I've been looking for it! I'm happy about being found!


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