Strange visitors.

Please read from the upper left picture to the lower right one.

manga of this month

1, Be-chan, is this the cutie you met?

* Be-chan is a nickname of Type B. It always puts out its tongue. Because we call a tongue "Bero" in Japan.

2, This is Dr. Mekako KATASE's study room where she studies on robots.

3, Oh, Type B!

4, Today is a holiday??

5, You're bushy, right? Sooo cute!

6, There are a lot of pupils who would like to make cute robots in this study.

manga of this month

7, I, Type B am a security worker in a commercial building called the Daibutsu Tower.

8, It's a holiday, today for maintenance.

9, I told my doctor that I met a rabbit robot in that tower the other day...

10, Was it this girl, right?

11, Her favorite robot has been missing since about a year ago, right?

12, I made this to have a tea break with me.

13, Meka-chan, let's have some tea!

14, Meka-chan, this cake is good, right?

15, It was lost a year, two months and 13 days ago!

16, The color of its skin is pink. →No. It's cream.
It can speak. →No. It sends an e-mail.
It wears clothes.→No. It wears nothing.
It loves cake.→I don't know that. I saw it ate dango.
It has a tea break at 3. → I wonder if it loves eating sweets.

manga of this month

17, I can't judge that.

18, I see.

19, This robot lives with an electrician, right?

20, Yes.

21, Go and take a shot of this robot!!

22, I'll grab the proof that the electrician stole my cutie!

23, At Denki's apartment, in Wataga City, Tokyo.

Bing. Bong.

24, Yes! What?

manga of this month

25, Tanuki-chan, what's wrong?

26, Oh, yes!

27, I came here with an order to take a picture of Concent.

28, A picture of Concent?!

29, They're like lovers though they're only robots!

30, I plan to go out today. Concent, remember to take the key!

31, Mr. Denki seems to be in bad mood, right? What? He has never had a girlfriend?

32, Get out of here as soon as possible!

33, Do we go to the park?

manga of this month

34, Do you like cakes? Oh, you love cakes.

35, Do you have clothing? Well, you have three suits of clothes such as witch's clothes.

36, Do you eat snacks? You eat a midnight snack with Denki.

37, OK. I'll attach Meka-chan's special paint remover to it.

38, Its color doesn't change.

39, "I haven't sent you an e-mail on the cell phone. Why do you understand what I mean? "

manga of this month

40, Why do I understand what she is saying?

41, Maybe we are the same robot.

42, Oh! Let's go eat the cake!

43, Long time no see, HAYASHI-san!

44, Hi, Denki! It's been three years since we met at the DO dojo!

45, HAYASHI Isao He's Denki's father's dojo student and works at the convenience store.

46, I heard that a robbery has occurred at this convenience store.

47, Come over here!

48, To be precise...

49, A suspect child?

50, I think it must be a fellow robber!

manga of this month

51, He comes to this convenience store at dusk.

52, And brings milk and salad chicken to the register...

53, But the child paid for it.

54, The money...

55, turns into leaves after a while!!

56, So, Denki!!

manga of this month

57, Would you be a clerk in this store for the day?

58, HAYASHI-san, I bet you can take down a robber in one shot, can't you?

59, That kid scares me more than the robbers.

60, If you don't help me, I'll tell Mr. DO that you didn't help me catch the robbers!

61, Fight for justice!

62, Please let me help you catch the robbers!

manga of this month

63, I cannot read the barcode of the product.

64, I'd like you to send this package.

65, Do we have to send packages at the convenience store as well?

66, Hey, rookie. Why don't you go clean up the store?

67, I'm curious about...

68, the trash under that customer's feet!

69, I'll get rid of that garbage later.

manga of this month

70, Are you going to buy something sweet for the evening meal on behalf of Mr. Denki?

71, I'm busy right now!

72, Let's report back to Meka-chan with a picture that Consent has a sweet tooth.

73, Then let's all go to the convenience store!

manga of this month

74, There he is! It's him!

75, Denki! Are you going to get close to him?

76, That customer's on the move! I can pick up the trash!

77, Denki, don't bother about that trash! Just watch out that boy!

78, Are you a robber?

manga of this month

79, Why are you helping me?

80, I was so happy to get fed.I've come to return the favor by turning into a human.

81, The raccoon has spoken!

82, Hey! Put the money in here!

manga of this month

83, The broom has been cut...

84, He's strong!

85, There's a lot of noise...

86, Oh, shit!

87, Denki!

manga of this month

88, I'm arresting you!

89, Tanuki!
*A raccon dog is commonly said Tanuki.

90, Is that your voice, Mister Denki?

91, I didn't recognize you dressed differently than usual.

92, Yeah?

93, Gah! What's wrong with you, Consent?

94, She was surprised to see that you were wearing a convenience store clerk's uniform.

95, Don't discharge, no matter how surprised you are.

manga of this month

96, When I took Tanuki to the doctor, it was a minor injury.
I'll keep it in the office beside me and have him become the signature Tanuki of this
Tanuki is a kind of Japanese badger.

97, That's a good idea!

98, I think you should use a safer robot, Denki.

99, ...

100, Be-chan, you're back! Did you get a picture of your friend?

101, Your camera is broken. I'm sorry, Meka-chan.

102, What? Your friend, the rabbit robot, did this? Such a violent robot can't be my little girl!

103, Thus, the suspicion that Denki had stolen the robot was cleared.


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